About Us

Art is essential to the well being of individuals and to the community. The arts build bridges among people. They facilitate intercultural understanding and provide a common ground for building relationships in an increasingly diverse society. Arts activities make public spaces attractive and distinctive, engaging residents in the creation of welcoming and sustainable places to live, work, play and raise families.

The Newington Art League is a non-profit arts organization serving Newington as well as regional members.

Mission Statement

Newington Art League is an organization seeking to advance the visual arts while fostering a community spirit.


  • To increase interest in the visual arts by providing stimulating demonstrations and exhibitions.
  • To advance the visual arts while fostering a community spirit through participation in community events.
  • To facilitate practice of the visual arts by artists of all levels of ability and interest by providing a creative venue for artists.


The Newington Art League currently meets in the Ceramics Room of the Newington Senior and Disabled Center at 120 Cedar St. on the second Wednesdays of March, April May, September, October and November. These are short business meetings followed by an artists demonstration. In December and June we gather for a dinner social. Membership is open to all and dues are $25 for an individual,  $35 for a couple and $10 for students or additional family members.

In addition to monthly meetings, there are weekly members painting workshops. These workshops are free to members and are on Monday mornings from 9:30 – 11:30 at the Newington Senior and Disabled Center in the Woodworking Room

Our 2019-2020 Officers

President: Pat Tanger
Co-Vice Presidents: Ellen Schuman and Celestine Bernard
Secretary: Melanie Stoddard
Treasurer: Flo Dickie


Publicity: Christine Mansolf
Hospitality:  Phyllis Small
Telephone: Celestine Bernard and Barbara Blain
Scholarship: Jean Henry
Membership: Celestine Bernard and Flo Dickie
Town Venues and Publicity: Christine Mansolf
Art Show Coordinator: Pat Tanger
Newsletter: Pat Tanger
Website: Pat Tanger



In 1983, Mikki Zadrowski campaigned to solicit members, with the belief that “…art leagues promote an interest in art by sponsoring lectures of visiting artists, providing shows and classes…” for anyone interested in expanding or learning artistic skills. From its inception, members struggled, yet persevered in acquiring a  “home of their own,” After six years of meeting in a room at the town hall, in 1989, NAL acquired, through the passionate perseverance of Evelyn Genotti, the east section of the former Board of Education building situated on 90 Welles Drive North. In 2009 the Art League was relocated back to the Town Hall when the “Cultural Center”, which the league shared with NCTV, was demolished to make way for additional senior housing. The league occupied a space in the Town Hall until in 2013 when it was again relocated to the rear apartment at the Kellogg-Eddy House at 679 Willard Ave..  In 2015, following a deep freeze which caused pipes to burst requiring a major renovation, the league was asked to leave to make room for a caretaker to live in the apartment. The Newington Art League has since been without a permanent location.