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November 2023 Newsletter

Please pay your dues if you have not yet done so. Annual dues are $30 per individual and $40 per household for the 2023-2024 year. You can pay them online with a credit card by clicking on “Join” at our website or send a check to Flo Dickie at 23 Frederick St, Newington, CT 06111.
Grant Money Expenditures:
The grant money is now spent. A final report explaining what we spent our grant money on and how it benefited our art league has been written and submitted to the CT Humanities. We should receive the remaining grant money soon.
Senior Center Display Cases:
If you are interested in displaying your work in the cases please contact Ken Rawolle at kbrawolle@gmail.com or 860-200-5170. He will work with you on your bio and hanging the work.
Wednesday Open Studio:
The Wednesday afternoon open studio group (open to NAL members or Senior Center Members) meets on Wednesdays from 1:30 – 3:30 in the Arts and Crafts Room. Attendance varies, but at least 3 and sometimes as many as 10 members show up to paint and share.
If you have not yet attended, all you need is to show up in the Arts and Crafts Room at 1:30 on Wednesday with your art supplies.

Holiday Dinner:
The dinner will be at Casa Mia on the Hill at Indian Hill golf course on December 13 from 6-9 pm. The cost per person for the dinner will be $36. Significant others are very welcome. Please bring your checks to the November meeting or mail them to Flo Dickie at 23 Frederick St, Newington, CT 06111.
The menu will include antipasto, pasta, meatballs, mixed green salad, roasted chicken supreme, stuffed filet of sole, green beans almondine, rolls and butter, assorted European cookies and coffee or tea. You can purchase beverages at the bar downstairs if you want other than water, tea or coffee with dinner.
We will do our usual grab bag gift exchange. If you want to participate, bring a wrapped gift (value around $10, you don’t need to go shopping, look around your home, regifting is acceptable). Publicity Chairman Ken Rawolle will act as Santa’s Elf.
Our Gift Exchange Rules:
Each party guest who brought a gift draws a number.

  1. Player #1 goes first. They choose a gift from the table, and open it.
  2. Player #2 chooses a gift and opens it. Player #2 can then can either steal the gift from Player #1, or keep the one they opened
  3. Player #3 opens a gift, they can then either steal the gift from Player #1 or Player #2, or keep the one they opened.
  4. And so on, until the last gift is opened.
  5. Finally, Player #1 gets to choose from any player.
    Elections of new officers will be held at the meeting in May of 2024.
    After 7 consecutive terms as president of the NAL, President Pat Tanger will not be seeking re-election. She will continue to be active, run the website and work to promote the league, but it is time for another member take on this roll.
    Our Co-Vice-Presidents and our Treasurer have also served well beyond the 2 year term limit.
    Please give serious consideration to running for office to continue our mission to promote the arts in Newington, and our surrounding communities.
    Current officers will make themselves available for any questions, but we need new faces and fresh ideas.
    Next Meeting:
    November 8, 2023 at 6:30 pm
    Demonstrator: Jose Paulo
    Acrylic Painting
    Next Board Meeting:
    Leinhard Room, Lucy Robbins Welles Library

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