Newington Waterfall Festival Chalk Walk Winners

Drawing in chalk on the pavement for hours is never easy, but 19 ambitious and talented artists from just 8 years old to adult participated in the 2022 Newington Waterfall Festival Chalk Walk competition that took place on Saturday, September 24 on Market Square in Newington. We had a beautiful day for the event although it started off a bit chilly and was quite breezy at times.

We send a big Congratulations! to all the winners!

The winners were as follows:

Children’s Category

Honorable Mention – Dustin Dwyer -square C

3rd place – Diyashri Ravi -square A

2nd place – Rifaya Lalon  -square E

1st place – Mia Cruz -square B

Junior’s Category

Honorable Mention – Grace Rodney -square 8

3rd place – Riley Whipple -square 6 

2nd place – Abby Pratt -square 14

1st place – Jillian Ramos -square 2

Adult’s Category

Honorable Mention – Lailah Christopher -square 3

3rd place – Gladys Silva Perales -square 9

2nd place – Nicole Mastracchio -square 5 

1st place – Sonia Uphadyay -square 1

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