Kristen Walsh to Demonstrate

Kristen Walsh has been involved in creative things her whole life.  She has been exploring fiber for many years – first knitting, then spinning and finally felting. Kristen has been earning attention for her felting, exhibiting and winning prizes at a number of art shows in Connecticut as well as being elected into CT Women Artists. Kristen also enjoys teaching and finds great satisfaction in helping people who think they are not creative find that creative spark that she believes lives in all of us. 

Kristen’s work can be seen and purchased on her website: www.scrapfelt.com.


Artist Statement:

Fiber has always been a passion of mine.  At an early age I was making many of my own clothes.  Later I discovered knitting which led to making my own yarn by hand spinning wool. While spinning I was introduced to many uses for wool including needle felting.  This art form is pure magic as fluffy wool is twisted, folded and rolled to become a human face or other form.

I am not formally trained but have found that my consistent curiosity and love of watching not just people but everything around me has served me well.  I find great satisfaction translating what I see into a three-dimensional figure or two-dimensional scene.  But my creations are not limited to what I see.  I also incorporate dreams, memories and imaginings into my pieces. 

I find art, especially expressed through fiber/felting, to be integral in working out what I believe, feel and desire for the world.  As I create, I find that I discover the goodness and humor in everyday life.

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