Ben Parker to Demonstrate

Artist, Ben Parker will demonstrate origami tessellations following the regular member’s business meeting at 6:30 on Wednesday, April 12. These meetings and demos are free and open to the public. 

From Ben Parkers website: “The process of origami is bipartite: tactile and mathematical. As a folder, one has absolute control of the paper from the time a finger touches the edge to the time the thumbnail leaves the crease it just created. And often even then they are in contact with the paper. It is meditative.

The math aspect comes from imagining what could be, and figuring out how to make it. This is not necessarily arithmetic (which most people think of when they hear math), but mathematics as a study for solving a problem. Origami is problem-solving, and this aspect has fascinated artists, engineers, mathematicians, teachers, and enthusiasts for a long time before I had fingers with which to fold. I literally cannot think of a type of person that can do origami without finding enrichment in their lives because of it. That is what makes it an art form.”

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