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The Newington Art League has been in existence for over 30 years. For almost 20 of those years the town provided us with a facility that was a central location for its meetings, public art demonstrations and exhibits as well as serving as a studio space for members.  This summer the art league was asked to vacate its space in the apartment of the Kellogg-Eddy house so it could be used for a caretaker. Consequently we now have no location to call our own. 

Currently the Newington Art League has meetings and demonstrations six times a year at the Newington Senior and Disabled Center. These demonstrations by professional artists are open to the public.  The Newington Art League sponsors a Newington Art League annual scholarship award for a high school senior as well as coordinating the annual Chalk Walk at the Waterfall Festival.

The Newington community needs an accessible venue for enjoyment and practice of the creative arts. We are seeking support from the residents of Newington in asking the Town to again provide the Newington Art League an accessible space.
What can you do if you support the Newington Art League:
• Sign our petition asking that the Town of Newington provide a space for the Newington Art League. (call Pat Tanger (860) 331-1984)
• Call or write your Town Councilors and let them know you want the Town of Newington to continue to provide a space for the Newington Art League
• Speak with the Mayor on Thursday mornings from 9 – 10 am at the Senior Center or in the Mayors Office on Thursdays from 5 – 6 pm
• Send letters to the editor to local papers in support of the arts in Newington
• Support the arts and work toward the creation of a new Cultural Center for all of the arts ( theater, music, dance, sculpture, photography etc.).

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